The Foundations of Enterprise and Freedom

Ideas move men and nations. Sound ideas foster a prosperous, free and morally responsible society; flawed ideas corrode it.

Americans have enjoyed unparalleled liberty and prosperity under a Constitution of unprecedented longevity. Such an experience is historically rare. What made it possible? I propose that it was the distinctive American conjunction of civil liberty and moral responsibility. By connecting governmental protection of freedom with cultural protection of morality, Americans have enjoyed their freedoms with an Read more

What’s Wrong With Cultural Impact

Baccalaureate Address by Graham Walker at Patrick Henry College, Purcellville, Virginia, May 2011

Those who are preoccupied with cultural impact will undermine the very cultural impact they seek to exercise.  The only foundation for life, work, and advocacy is a conviction of truth, independent of any calculation of its effect.

Watch the video:  Walker Baccalaureate May 2011